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Arngor here, a player who peaked in Challenger every set and was even hovering around the top 10 mark this set. I started playing 6 Rebels last patch with some success, considering the overall buffs this comp has received I’m convinced it will become a top tier comp this patch.

Rebels are a powerful comp in this meta since they have multiple carries and can use almost all item components you get. This comp doesn’t rely on any 3* units so it can easily support multiple players in the same lobby (as we’ve seen at the start of this set).

The great part about the comp is that all you need are 6 Rebels (+GP,MF,Kayle) so even beginners can get the hang of it really quick.

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  • Incredible AoE damage potential – Aurelion Sol, GP and MF offer insane AoE damage.
  • Insane late game spike – since the comp consists of three 5 cost units, it heavily spikes at lvl 9. 
  • Item flexible – besides the required items on Jinx – GP, MF and ASol can literally use any item.
  • Tanky carries – due to the Rebel trait, Asol and Jinx won’t be susceptible to Infiltrators or Burst damage.


  • Not flexible – you need the same units every game or the comp won’t work as you might desire.
  • Relies on hitting 5 costs to spike late – to win you need at least ⅔ of your 5 costs upgraded.


It’s important to note that your Jinx items are your first priority, so before you think about itemizing Aurelion Sol/MF/GP your Jinx should have 3 good items.

Carousel Priority

First Carousel

  1. Sword
  2. Chain Vest
  3. Bow, Belt, Rod
  4. Glove, Cloak

For future carousels, focus on your Jinx items first, then look to itemize Gangplank and MF, leftovers will be put on Aurelion Sol. You should also consider picking up a Spatula from the carousel to make a Demo on Asol.

Key Items

Jinx Champion Set 3 TFT Jinx

  • 2 Offensive and 1 Defensive Item

Offensive: Giantslayer + Red Buff

Defensive: Trap Claw = GA > QSS

Gangplank TFT Set 3 Champion Gangplank

  • 1 Offensive and 2 Defensive Items

Offensive: Ionic Spark > Deathcap > Morello

Defensive: GA >>> Bramble Vest > Trap Claw

Miss Fortune Set 3 Champion Miss Fortune

  • Mana Item and Defensive Item

Offensive: Seraphs >>>The Rest

Defensive: QSS or Trap Claw 


Early Game (Stage 1 & 2)

There are typically two routes that you can take early-game in a Rebels comp. 

1. (3) Rebels

3 rebel early game

With the Lucian buff this patch, he’s an even stronger early carry than before.

Besides Lucian you want to pick up Graves to a) give you the blaster buff to spread Red Buff easier and b) because his ability can win you many early fights. 3 Rebels will serve as a frontline in that case and will also make it easier to commit into 6 Rebels later.

Lucian will carry all of the Jinx items as they aren’t just strong late game items but also let you snowball really heavy.

2. Playing the strongest board

Strongest Board Early Game Rebels

Strongest Board Early Game Rebels 2

An advanced strategy would be to always play your strongest board. 

This is probably the better way to play Rebels since your highest priority is to win streak throughout the early stages of the game to ensure you reach level 8 fast and healthy, so you can hit all your units.

It’s important to level aggressively with this comp to keep the win streak going and maybe hit an early Jinx.

Mid Game (Stage 3 & 4)

If you’re on a win streak, consider leveling at 3-1 instead of 3-2 to keep it, otherwise you should level to 6 at 3-2 and continue playing your strongest board. Now is the time to start picking up your first Rebels, as long as they don’t cost you interest.

Strongest Board Mid Game Rebels

This is how your board could look like at level 6. Your stacked 2* Lucian shouldn’t have a problem carrying you through stages 3 and early stage 4. You also want to go for the Space Pirate trait to farm up a little more gold. If you find Gangplank items, feel free to throw them on your Jayce/Darius).

Stage 4-1 you should start scouting to see if more than one player is contesting you. If that’s the case, you want to go level 8 at Stage 4-2 and roll down for a 2* Jinx, an ASol and a Kayle. If you’re uncontested, you want to go level 8 at 4-3 and roll until you think you can keep streaking, that means either hitting a 2* Jinx, a 2* Kayle + MF/GP.

Your goal should be getting your comp online at 4-3 and rushing level 9 from there.

So your comp should look like this.

Strongest Board Mid Game Rebels 2

If you find an Aurelion Sol you’ll want to swap him in for Sona. 

If you find a GP you can swap him in for Kayle, if you have items for him, otherwise, you bench him until level 9.

Late Game (Stage 5+)

Strongest Board Late Game Rebels

You now want to get to level 9 ASAP and put your in GP in to finish your comp, if you’re able to stabilize and/or are over 40 HP. If not, you want to stay level 8 until you’ve two starred all of your units. Another option to consider is slowrolling for a 3* Jinx on level 8 (which is only possible if you’re uncontested and that’s rare in the current meta).

Your level 9 is also very important because you have a higher chance to two star your 5 cost units.

Variants and Positioning

Level 9 + FON option: If you either randomly get a FON or are playing in the Superdense Galaxy you want to throw in a 2* Lulu and swap out Malphite for Sona to make use of the Mystic trait.

Standard (Level 9)

Rebels Standard Positioning

This is how your comp should look like at level 9. Running Sona over Malphite is an option to consider if the enemies have a ton of stuns. Make sure to scout for enemy Blitzcrank’s so your Miss Fortune won’t get hooked since she is one of your main damage dealers. Position your Gangplank in a way that his ability hits as many opponents as possible.

Standard (Level 9) Left side

Rebels Standard Left Side Positioning

Vs. Mech Infiltrators

Rebels vs Mech Infiltrators Positioning

You need the larger area upgrade on GP to hit the Mech + the Infiltrators to win this matchup. If you don’t have the larger area upgrade on GP you want to backline him to make sure his ability hits the Infiltrators.


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  1. Great guide! i climbed a lot w rebels already but this guide for sure helps w many issues that i had. Thanks!

  2. GrandVice8 normally use Blitzcrank+Ezreal in rebels, you don’t need MF and Kayle, right? Blitzcrank is the best unit with Jinx and Chrono buff is really good to take the the rockets.

    • As far as we can see, he does both. Dropping MF and Valkyrie for 2 Chronos isn’t really worth it. GV8 is a good player, so he probably has his reasons for doing that (maybe he didn’t find the units in those games?). We’ll update the guide if better alternatives turn up. Thank you for your feedback!

  3. I read this article in Japanese using Google Translate. The PC version itself is not popular in Japan, and LoL is not popular, so the mobile version of TFT is not popular either. For that reason, the number of guides for YouTube and blog posts is small compared to NA, so I thank you for posting blog posts that can use translators in print


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