Rerolling and Economy Guide – The Definitive Guide To Managing Your Gold in TFT

Proper use of the reroll button is vital to your success in Teamfight Tactics. Knowing when and how to reroll, as well as how the unit pool and roll chances interact with each other will make you think twice before just smashing the reroll key.

In this article, we’ll go over all the reroll strategies out there, as well as explain the core concepts behind managing your economy in TFT – such as the champion pool and roll chances, as well as the reroll strategies in the game.

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The Champion Pool

In Teamfight Tactics, there’s a shared unit pool. Once the pool is empty of a certain unit, it becomes unavailable. These are the two main principles:

  • There is a set number of units available
  • Players draw units from a common pool

Buying specific units means that the unit pool will dry up and it will become harder and harder to find your desired unit. That is also the reason that it always feels better to play a comp that no one else is playing. Your units are just easier to find.

Below are the exact numbers of units per tier.

Total Units In Pool TFT

Special interactions

There are a few things about the unit pool that you should memorize:

  • Units from the carousel are taken from the pool but return if they are not picked
  • Neeko’s Help also pulls units from the pool. So, if there are no units left, Neeko’s Help won’t have any effect and bounces off
  • When a player dies, its units are returned to the unit pool and can appear once more in the shop

Roll probability

The unit pool itself is only one half of the equation. Each tier of units has a certain probability to appear in your shop and this changes per level. It is quite important to know which tier of units have the highest probability of appearing at certain levels. The following table shows the exact numbers.


Tier 1
(28 units)
Tier 2
(22 units)
Tier 3
(16 units)
Tier 4
(12 units)
Tier 5
(10 units)


Some important things to know about rolling probability:

  • Probability changes each time you level up
  • Higher tier units appear more frequently as you reach higher levels
  • In-game there is a probability indicator per level just above your shop


You might have heard of hyperrolling, slowrolling and donkey rolling. These terms are all deeply rooted in the availability of units and their probability to appear in the shop. How you approach rerolling is fundamental in being a successful Teamfight Tactics player.

Some general rules for rerolling:

  • Never reroll without knowing why you’re doing it
  • Try to reroll efficiently, think about probability and available units
  • Do not tilt-roll: in some games, rng is not in your favour. When you don’t find the unit you need, try to look at what does appear in your shop and make use of that.
  • Donkey rolling (rolling to 0 gold every round) is acceptable only if you have 1-2 lives left

Let us now go over the main reroll strategies.


  • Hyperrolling is rolling a lot of gold fast

What is hyperrolling?

The idea behind hyperrolling is that you will find many units that you desire, in a short amount of time. Because you automatically level up during the game, hyperrolling is often used to roll at level four for low tier units. Comps from the past like Predators and Woodlands used specific hyperroll strategies to great success. Hyperolling will always remain a relevant strategy because it has quite a few applications.

When to hyperroll

Hyperrolling is used to become a lot stronger in a very short time. You use a lot or all of your gold at a certain level to find the units you need. Consider hyperrolling when you:

  • Want to 3-star tier one or two units
  • Want to find specific higher tier units to finish your comp
  • Try to find certain units before other players do

How to hyperroll

Roll. A lot. Spam that refresh button. Also, hyperrolling is not a goal but a means to an end. After you hyperroll you generally want to rebuild your economy. The strength you gain by hyperrolling is meant to ensure you will be strong for many rounds to come.

  • By knowing probabilities to find certain units you can identify the ideal level to roll
  • Save gold until the round you decide to hyperroll
  • Try to reroll fifty or more gold in one round for optimal results


  • Slowrolling is rolling a lot of gold over many rounds

What is slowrolling?

The idea behind slowrolling is that you will slowly but surely find all the units you need, by utilizing your economy. Try to use only gold above 50 on rerolls and conserve the rest to gain maximum interest. Slowrolling has become especially popular in Set 3. Almost every reroll comp needs to make use of slowrolling to be successful. Examples are Mech Infiltrator and Protectors.

When to slowroll

Slowrolling is used to become stronger over time. You use interest gold to outspend other players and become an unstoppable force. Consider slowrolling when you:

  • Want to 3-star multiple strong units
  • Play a comp that can function well at level five, six and seven for most of the game
  • Have a good economy and high HP
  • Notice that spending gold on leveling does not make you stronger, but rerolling will

How to slowroll

Roll. But carefully. Try to not go below fifty gold, unless you need to buy a unit that you need.

  • Slowrolling is a long-term strategy, keep an eye on opponents that buy your units
  • Save gold from the start, the sooner you are at fifty gold, the better
  • Roll at the most optimal level
  • Watch your HP, slowrolling is all about balancing HP and gold

Donkey rolling

  • Donkey rolling is spending all your gold on rerolling while praying for the best

What is donkey rolling?

Sometimes you just have to go all-in. Donkey rolling is mostly used to describe thoughtless rerolling in a not so flattering manner. When you use all your gold inefficiently to force roll for units you feel you need, you may or may not be compared to an ass.

When to donkey roll

Donkey rolling is mostly not the strategy you want to go for. Consider donkey rolling when you:

  • Are about to die
  • Absolutely need a certain unit as soon as possible

How to donkey roll

Roll as if your life depends on it. Clicking or pushing harder is advised (results may vary). Before you donkey roll, keep in mind that it ruins your economy and is usually a bad idea.

  • Use it only as a last resort
  • Always consider other options before you decide to donkey roll

Tactical rerolling

  • Rerolling outside of regular strategies

In certain situations, it is needed to deviate a little bit. There are situations in which none of the above-mentioned strategies fully apply. In general, you will only roll a few times and you never go down to zero gold. Tactical rerolling can occur when you:

  • Need immediate strength and you can afford to lose some gold
  • Want to keep your winstreak and are willing to take a risk
  • Have many units you can upgrade

Tips & Tricks

  • Consider using hotkeys. The standard hotkey for rerolling is ‘D’, which is generally faster than clicking
  • When searching for a certain unit, buy all the other units of that same tier to improve the probability of finding it
  • Scout. Watch other players to gather information on what they are playing. This will let you know if your units are being contested or not.
  • Adapt. Try to adjust your strategy to the specific circumstances of your game.
  • Is someone about to die? Postpone your rerolling until the player dies, its units will return to the pool and it will be easier to find them again.

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