TFT Galaxies Guide – Detailed Strategy For Each Galaxy

Are you struggling to keep up with all the different Galaxies in TFT?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guide for all of them in one place?

It sure would be, and that’s why we’ve written one for you! Below you’ll find a guide for each Galaxy in TFT and it’ll be constantly updated when new ones are released.

Table Of Contents

Neekoverse Galaxy Icon Neekoverse

Neekoverse is a simple Galaxy where you get two Neeko’s Help at the start of the game. Neeko’s Help makes a copy of a unit you target.


Generally, the correct play is to use the two Neeko’s help on a 4 cost unit early on into the game. That’ll give you a massive power spike and some direction if you need it. However, if you have a really good early game it can be correct to use it on a powerful 5 cost such as Gangplank or Miss Fortune. There are even some rare cases where it might be good to Neeko a unit such as Jayce at 2-1, if you have Ionic Spark and Space Pirates to cruise through the early-mid game.

If you’re handed a decent start, you should level to 5 early so you can start getting 4-costs in your shop. In general, it’s a good idea to level quickly in this Galaxy. Listed below is the standard fast leveling curve.

Level 4 @ 2-1

Level 5 @ 2-5

Level 6 @ 3-2 (3-1 if you need to keep a win streak)

Level 7 @ 3-5

Level 8 @ 4-3 (or 5-1 if you’re lacking gold)

What should you play?

Any composition that relies on a two-starred 4-cost carry such as:

What to avoid?

Hyperroll comps are generally less effective in this Galaxy. While you can get an early power spike by rolling three stars at Stage 3, other players can get a similar spike by getting their two-star 4-costs. The difference is that the players not hyper rolling will not have to tank their economy to do so.

Hyper rolling isn’t completely to be avoided, you can still do it if you get a ton of early units you need, but I would definitely discourage it in this Galaxy. If you still want to play a hyper-roll composition, personally I’ve found success slow-rolling at 5 in this Galaxy and using Neeko’s help when I get 7 of my carry unit (eg. Kha’Zix when playing Void Brawlers) then going fast 8.


Neekoverse is not too much different from a standard game, just keep in mind that people will be spiking in power much earlier into the game, and if you don’t hit your carries you’re gonna lose much more HP than you’re used to. 

Lilac Nebula Galaxy Icon Lilac Nebula

In this Galaxy, the first carousel consists of 4-cost units. As there are nine 4-costs there is one of each in the carousel.


Obviously your playstyle in this Galaxy really depends on what unit you grab during the first carousel so let’s check out what you should be going for in the first carousel.

S tier: Kayle, Jinx

A tier: Jhin, Fizz, Irelia, Vel’Koz

B tier: Cho’Gath, Wukong

C tier: Soraka

What should you play?

  • KayleChrono Kayle
  • Jinx – Rebel or Brawler Blaster
  • Jhin – Vanguard Sniper or Dark Star
  • Fizz – Mech Infiltrator 
  • IreliaCybernetics
  • Vel’KozVoid Brawler
  • Cho’Gath – Sell or Brawler Blaster/Void Brawler
  • Wukong – Sell or Vanguard Sniper/Chrono Kayle
  • Soraka – Sell

Note that these compositions are only recommendations and not something you should go for every time. Sometimes your shop simply won’t allow you to go these comps or they will be contested, so feel free to play something else.

What to avoid?

Early game you can expect to take a lot of damage if you play greedy (selling pairs for economy) and didn’t pick up a premier 4-cost from the first carousel. So even if you don’t pick up a good 4-cost you should still be doing your best to preserve HP by playing your strongest board. 

Hyper-rolling is slightly less effective but still viable.

Keep in mind that if you don’t start with a 4-cost carry and then want to contest a composition which relies on one that you’ll generally be contested every time. It can still be correct to do so if you don’t have direction otherwise. 


A Galaxy where you can get a lot of direction early on but take a lot of damage if you don’t grab a premier 4-cost unit. Usually has quite an aggressive early-game so do your best to play the strongest boards you can to save HP.

Superdense Galaxy Icon Superdense Galaxy

In the Superdense Galaxy, you receive a Force of Nature at Stage 3-1 (the stage after Krugs). This opens up a lot of compositions that usually aren’t possible and means people can have power-spikes at much earlier levels.


This is quite an aggressive Galaxy due to the increased damage you can take when losing due to there being more units on the board. Early leveling is really effective as you can get large amounts of synergies on the board early on and punish greedy opponents. In Stage 2 you should always remember that you’re getting an extra unit slot at 3-1 and keep potential units that you can play on your bench.

What should you play?

Almost all compositions are fine in this Galaxy as most of them benefit from getting another unit on the board, but here are some compositions that receive a larger boost than others along with the level that they are most effective at.

Rebels (Level 7/8/9)

  • Rebels always have room for another unit to fill out their synergies
  • Level 7: 6 Rebel, 2 Blaster, 2 Demolitionist
  • Level 8: Add 2 Mystic (Lulu)
  • Level 9: Add Blademaster and Valkyrie (Kayle)

Void Brawler Infiltrator (Level 7)

  • This comp relies on no 5-costs so having 8 units at Level 7 is incredibly good. 
  • You can play the full comp at Level 7 which should put you ahead of the rest in the lobby.

Brawler Blaster (Level 7)

  • Another comp that doesn’t rely on 5-costs and can spike at Level 7.

Celestial Blademaster “Shredder” (Level 7)

  • You can fit 4 Celestial at Level 7 which means you can spend a lot more time rolling for 3*s in the early-game and still get to your full composition.

What to avoid?

Avoid being greedy in Stage 3 as it will cost you a lot of HP.

Don’t get baited by some compositions which are completed at Level 8 but require 5-cost units (Chrono Kayle, Dark Stars). The odds of rolling a 5-cost at Level 7 are incredibly low.


A Galaxy that is similar to a normal game but has a few nuances to keep in mind. Take advantage of the extra unit slot to its full effect and you’re likely to succeed.

Trade Sector Galaxy Icon Trade Sector

A hyper-roller’s paradise, every round every player gets a free reroll to use at any point in the round. This results in people often hitting 3* 1-cost units at stage 2 as you have double the amount of “natural” units to buy. 


Hyper-roll compositions shape this Galaxy and thus it’s a good idea to always go for one if it’s not too contested. This Galaxy has a lot more decisions to make in the early-game so be sure to weigh your options well because you won’t have enough gold to buy everything you see in the shop. 

Expect to see really strong opponents in the early-game due to 2*s being so easy to get in this Galaxy, if you don’t have multiple 2*s yourself you should expect to lose most rounds.

What should you play?

Any good hyper-roll composition such as:

If you do not have a good start for one of these compositions, level aggressively as you can pick up 4-costs much more often due to the free rerolls, then decide what to play based on what 4-costs you can get your hands on.

What to avoid?

Avoid keeping too many units on your bench in the early-game. Keep a close eye on your bench and think to yourself what you’re realistically going to be able to play. 

Pairs of higher cost units (3-costs mainly) in the early-game can be a massive bait as they tear into your economy and you’re not that likely to 2* them. 


Trade Sector can be very stressful and requires a lot more attention than a regular game but it is very rewarding if you play well too. In the current meta, this Galaxy is very hyperroll centered but that might change in the future. 

Treasure Trove Galaxy Icon Treasure Trove

In this Galaxy, every creep drops a loot orb, which results in highly inflated gold and item counts. You can expect to have many more item drops than usual.


Since there are so many items that drop in this Galaxy, particularly in the late-game, holding onto components isn’t that viable. Most people will slam items very early knowing that they can probably still get good items from later creep rounds. 

The inflated gold means that people will usually either level very aggressively or hoard gold for an incredible economy. If you think you can win-streak with your board you should push levels, if you have a very big gold start then consider playing greedy. 

What should you play?

Compositions which can itemise more than one carry are much better than the alternative in this Galaxy. Here are some examples of such compositions along with which carries to itemise:

Compositions which have two or less carries can be altered to include a third. For example, in Chrono Kayle, you can consider adding Jinx and throwing all your on-hit items on her.

What to avoid?

Being greedy with items. Keeping a lot of items on your bench is a big mistake in this Galaxy, as others will be slamming items which will result in a lot of HP lost.


This Galaxy is honestly a lot of fun as you usually don’t have to worry so much about not getting ideal items and can instead focus on making your composition as strong as possible. It can be quite stressful when you get dozens of items to drop at the same time and you have to figure out what to make but if you think carefully then you’ll be able to succeed.

Star Cluster Galaxy Icon Star Cluster

Star Cluster is a Galaxy that only alters carousels, making the 1, 2 and 3-cost units in them be 2*. Additionally, the carousel in Stage 2 only has 2-cost units. This means that people can receive massive power-spikes from carousels and makes lose-streaking early-game a more viable option.


In other galaxies, you mostly prioritise items over units in the various carousels. This Galaxy changes things up because you can get up to 9 gold of value from a single carousel unit. Despite this, the playstyle difference comes mostly during the mid-game because it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll find a 2* unit with an item that you actually want. 

In the Stage 2 carousel, keep your eye out for the following units:

  • Darius
  • Shen
  • Lucian
  • Kaisa

These are the best 2-cost units to play in the mid-game and they can single-handedly carry some fights. 

The first carousel also encourages hyper-rolling because you get 3 free copies of a 1* unit at the very start of the game.

What should you play?

  • This Galaxy does not change composition choices too much because of how item-centered the current meta is. Even if you pick up a 2* Lucian early-game with a good item, you’re still probably going to end up selling him for a Jinx late-game.
  • Besides the obvious choices of hyper-roll compositions if you can get a large amount of 1* carries due to the first carousel, here are some ideas for compositions that might be better than others in this Galaxy.

Celestial Space Pirate “Space Jam”

  • Since you can pick up a 2* Darius from Stage 2 carousel and then have the potential to pick up a 2* Jayce or Darius again from further Carousels, you can get 3* Space Pirates rather quickly without spending too much money on it.

Mech Infiltrator

  • Another composition that relies on 3* 2 and 3-cost units. You can pick up early 2* Kaisas, Rumbles and Annies in this Galaxy.

What to avoid?

Relying on the units that you get from the carousels too much. You can play them in the mid-game but they are still probably due to being sold to put your items on your 4-cost carries in the late-game.


This Galaxy is rather unexplored so it has more potential for creativity than most other galaxies. Don’t rely too much on the 2* units from the carousels, at the same time don’t completely ignore them as they can give you a much stronger board in the mid-game.

Galactic Armory Galaxy Icon Galactic Armory

This is a rather peculiar Galaxy as it is completely different every game. At the start of the game, each player gets the same two items. For example, everyone in the lobby could get a Red Buff and a Zephyr.


It’s hard to judge how you should alter your play when there are about 1500 different combinations of items you can get, nevertheless let’s look at two different cases.

1. General Items

  • These include items that can be held on multiple units, such as: Zephyr, Guardian Angel, Shroud of Stillness, Bramble Vest, etc.

If you get some of these items then any composition is possible, and the game doesn’t change too much from a standard game.

2. Specific Items

  • Red Buff, Giant Slayer, Chalice of Harmony, Seraph’s Embrace, Last Whisper, etc.

These items are really good on some units and near useless on others. Which means that the entire lobby is wanting to play whichever comp synergises the best with these items. 

My advice is either to force that composition if you get the units for it, or to play a composition which can still use those items to some effect. An example being getting Runaan’s Hurricane and Deathblade. These are two insanely good items for Sniper compositions but alternatively can be used on Blaster compositions and even something like Shredder.

What should you play?

This is entirely dependent on which items you get from the Galaxy and therefore it’s almost impossible to recommend anything. Just keep in mind that you’ll get more items than usual so follow some of the advice listed in the Treasure Trove section regarding playing compositions with multiple carries.

What to avoid?

Avoid tunnel-visioning too hard on whatever items you get from the start as everybody else in the lobby will likely be doing the same. If you get really good units for a certain composition but the items don’t fit exactly, you can still go that composition and play for a likely top 4.

Forcing compositions that rely on very specific items when you don’t get any good items for it at the start. An example would be forcing Star Guardians with an Infinity Edge, Rapidfire Cannon start.


A Galaxy that is going to be different every time you play it, it is up to you to adapt to what items you receive and to make the best composition you can manage while also not falling into the trap of playing the composition that will be contested by the seven other people in the lobby.

Medium Legends Galaxy Icon Medium Legends

In this Galaxy, you have 125HP instead of 100HP, that’s it.


The increase in HP means that the game will last longer overall and gives some breathing room to those that have a bad start. This means that the early-game will generally be less aggressive as everybody will be playing more for the late-game since the game is going to go on for longer than a regular game.

What should you play?

  • Compositions that don’t cap out on power level as quickly are the best compositions to play.

It’s not too rare to see up to three people getting 3* 4-costs in this Galaxy. Whatever your composition is, keep in mind that you’ll have to look for more ways to get stronger than in a usual game. Here are some examples.

What to avoid?

Playing too much for early-game, while in other galaxies win-streaking your way through early-game is a solid way to get top 4 every time, it can be different in this Galaxy if you don’t transition your early lead into a solid late-game composition.

Also playing too little for early-game, saving HP is still important as late-game in this Galaxy will often come down to the wire. HP is still a resource that you need to manage.


A slower-paced Galaxy where you have to focus on the late-game for the win.

Littler Legends

The opposite of Medium Legends, all players start with 85HP instead of 100HP. This Galaxy hasn’t been released as of the time of writing.


The decrease in HP means that games will be much more aggressive and will last a shorter time overall. Plays that seem questionable on other galaxies might be correct on this one, if you have to roll at Level 6 to survive then do it. 

What should you play?

Compositions that spike earlier than usual, such as at Level 7 are the best to play. Here are some examples.

What to avoid?

Sitting on item components for too long, saving HP is everything in this Galaxy so items should be slammed as quickly as possible.

Playing late-game centered comps such as Cybernetics or Demolitionist Sorcerers.


A fast paced Galaxy where playing your strongest board to preserve HP is the most important thing to do. 


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