Void Infiltrators (Kha’Zix Reroll) Guide

Bulls0717 here, a Set 2 Challenger player. Void Infiltrators/Brawlers has quickly become one of the most popular comps of this patch, and for a good reason. The comp is incredibly strong and counters many of the other popular comps well. Kha Zix quickly takes down backline carries while Vel’koz provides a secondary damage source. 

The comp has seen significant nerfs in the upcoming patch, so it’s unclear whether or not it will be viable at all.

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  • Simple playstyle -Because of the fact that this is a reroll comp you will be much less likely to become confused mid-game
  • Powerful late game – The late game of Void Brawlers is very strong, it’s not rare for two people in the top 3 to both be running Void Brawlers.
  • Strong anti-meta comp – Kha’Zix destroys many of the current backline carry comps such as Xayah and Kayle comps


  • Extremely item reliant – Kha’Zix and Vel’koz both require certain items in order to top 2
  • Heavily contested – It is nearly impossible to play this comp without another player contesting you, so you’ll have to change your playstyle based on how contested you are. You may have to roll more aggressively for Kha’Zix 3 star or give up on Kha’Zix 3 star all together.


Carousel Priority

First Carousel

  1. BF Sword
  2. Bow
  3. Belt, Rod
  4. Tear
  5. Cloak, Vest

Building a strong Kha’Zix item early on should be your first priority. Once you begin to hit components for Kha’Zix items you should shift your focus to Vel’koz items.

Key Items

Kha'Zix TFT Set 3 Champion Icon Kha’Zix

  • 2 Offensive and 1 Defensive Item

Offensive: RFC > IE > Deathblade/Zekes

Defensive: GA > QSS > Trap Claw

In my experience with this comp RFC is a necessity to do well. It allows Kha’Zix to constantly be attacking instead of moving from enemy to enemy, as well as helps to keep Kha’Zix safe.

IE/Deathblade serve the purpose of boosting Kha’Zix’s damage. Because you are playing Void in this comp, IE is better since all armor is ignored. 

Vel'Koz TFT Set 3 Champion Icon Vel’koz

  • 2 Offensive and 1 Defensive Item

Offensive: Seraph’s Embrace and Morello >>> any other Rod/Tear items

Defensive: QSS >>> Trap claw> GA

Seraph’s and Morello is the best possible combo for offensive items on Vel’koz because it allows Vel’koz to ult as fast as possible while providing anti-heal that the rest of the comp lacks. 

QSS is extremely important because Vel’koz has a channel ult, meaning that without QSS it can be interrupted.


Early Game (Stage 1 & 2)

This is a reroll comp, but not a hyperroll comp. Still, you should not  buy any XP before 3-2.

Early game you should be playing the strongest board you can while picking up Kha’Zix, Twisted Fate, and Malphite.

You should be scouting to see if anyone else in the lobby is looking to contest you and take note of how many Kha’Zix are taken. You should also be building Kha’Zix and Vel’koz items as early as possible.

Void Infiltrator Early Game

This is the ideal Level 5 board. At level 4 the ideal board would usually be just dropping Twisted Fate. As for positioning in the early game you should always have Blitzcrank on the opposite side of Kha’Zix. This almost always guarantees killing two units. Blitzcrank will pull and kill one unit while allowing Kha’Zix to get isolation damage on another unit.

The 2 Infiltrator trait is very strong early game and helps you to avoid tanking damage early on.

Other potential early game item holders can be Xayah for the Kha’Zix items or Ahri for the Vel’koz items.

If you are unable to find Kha’Zix early on you should consider pivoting if you still have the option to do so. The easiest pivots tend to be Cybernetics and Kayle. Cybers can make use of the Infinity Edge, while Kayle can make use of Guardian Angel and RFC.

Once you commit to playing Void Brawlers it is difficult to pivot because you will be using a lot of gold rolling at 5, so make sure that you have a good enough start to play the comp.

Mid Game (Stage 3 & 4)

Void Infiltrator Mid Game

This is your final mid-game comp. This is obviously the ideal scenario and requires rolling Cho’gath and Vel’koz early on. If you don’t have the Void units yet, you should just be playing other Brawlers for more frontline or a second Kha’Zix. Eventually, Kai’Sa will be replaced by Fizz for extra crowd control.

This comp is slow rolled. You should hit level 5 at 3-2 and then begin to roll all excess gold above 50 gold. The only situations where you don’t slow roll are if you have 6 or more Kha’Zix at Krugs. Then you can hyperoll at 3-1 for the 3 star.

The other situation is if you are heavily contested. In that case, hitting Kha’Zix 3* will be more difficult and you should be pushing levels to find Vel’koz and Cho’gath before everyone else. 

Slow rolling is effective in this comp because by slow rolling at level 5 instead of hyperolling at level 4, you have a chance of finding 4 costs and can maintain good econ.

Once you hit Kha’Zix 3 star you should immediately be pushing to level 8 to find Vel’Koz and Cho’gath. At this point, your comp is nearly complete and you are just looking to 3 star Vel’Koz or Cho’Gath.

Late Game (Stage 5+)

Void Infiltrators Late Game Level 8

Late game starts at 5-1 for this comp and this is your all in point. You should be leveling to 8 and playing your final board. At this point your only true power spike can come from 3 starring any of your 4-cost units. You should always prioritize Vel’Koz 3 over the other 4-costs. The picture above shows what your ideal level 8 board should look like and a possible way of positioning.

Usually, you stay level 8 and roll for 3-star 4 costs instead of going to level 9. At level 9, unless you have a Force of Nature or an Infiltrator Spatula, you are unable to play any new synergy. So leveling to 9 usually is not worth doing and your gold is better spent on rolling. However, if you do have a FON or Infiltrator spatula, 4 Infiltrators can be a good power spike.

Variants and Positioning 

Lvl. 8 Standard V1

Void Infiltrators Late Game Level 8

Lvl. 8 Standard V2 (also better into Infiltrators)

Void Infiltrators Late Game Level 8 Version 2

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